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A Message from our sponsor
Taking control of evidence has never been more important to bulletproof cases. It's also never been easier to do with the right tools. (Hint: spreadsheets or manual tracking are NOT the solution.)

To learn more about those tools, we created a guide with our friends at SolutionStack and eTWIST, experts in mobile evidence management.

The guide is called "Bulletproof Chain of Custody in Law Enforcement." It looks at the current evidence management options available to law enforcement agencies, gives an executive overview of mobile technologies, and makes a case for upgrading your existing methods.

What's Inside the guide?
  • Barriers to justice: where a broken chain of custody can break a case
  • Taking control of your evidence
  • Key features of 21st-century evidence management
  • Top 3 benefits of mobile evidence collection
  • Case study

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