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February is the shortest and coldest month of the year, but also the most important one for our heart health. That’s because February is Heart Month, a time to reflect on the importance of cardiovascular health and to learn about how we can manage our risk factors for heart disease. Taking time to care for your heart can feel challenging, especially when you have a stressful job but it’s easy to show your heart the love it deserves each day. Small acts of self-care like reducing stress by participating in your favourite hobby, taking walks, getting good quality sleep, and cooking healthy meals, will all help your heart in the long run.

You can also celebrate Heart Month by arming yourself and those around you with the tools and knowledge they need should a cardiac emergency occur. Encourage a loved one to take a CPR class with you or go over your emergency protocol at home and at work to ensure that should the unthinkable occur, you are prepared. By taking preventive measures, you can lower your risk of developing heart disease that could lead to a heart attack or worse. For more information on heart health, healthy living tips and emergency preparedness please click below.

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