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Are outdated processes putting your officers in unnecessary danger?
Police work is already dangerous. So why would you have routine processes that increase unnecessary risk? For one Ontario police department, roadside stops were putting their officers in dangerous situations for longer than they needed to be. Officers were spending over 20 minutes in the road, with cars driven by distracted drivers whizzing by.

With officer safety in mind, the department decided to implement a modernized traffic process to get their officers out of the line of traffic and into safety faster. They chose a solution that mounted easily in the fleet’s cars, was able to withstand extreme temperatures, and had battery life that could keep up with an officer for their entire shift. This solution did it all, without exceeding their tight department budget.

After implementing the solution, this department realized:
Increased officer safety
Traffic stops went from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes
More efficiency and ROI
Less than 1% of tickets have been thrown out in court—down from the previous rate of 15%
Satisfied civilians
Keeping reckless drivers accountable and repeat offenders off the streets—can only happen with accurate, legible tickets.
Learn how they prioritized safety
Print speeds so fast, you’ll be tempted to issue a citation
The PocketJet 8 full page mobile printer is built with rugged in-field work in mind. It’s compatible with most major leading citation providers, has options for wireless connectivity, and prevents cord clutter in your patrol cars with a single USB-C cable. Mount it where you need to and enjoy the ability to print eCitations, reports, warning, and notices right from the patrol car.
Claim your free PocketJet 8
Fast print speed High quality prints Full-page
Premier warranty
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