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AirVest - Body armor ventilation system

Everybody serving under a bulletproof vest knows that it does not only stop bullets, it also blocks heat and sweat... inside! Thanks to a device designed by a blue blooded Canadian, they now can stop sweating bullets. AirVest goes way beyond any elementary mesh underlayer. First, the Air Channels™ (in front and back) create a real gap allowing free vertical air flow. Second, sizing is a breeze with only 3 adjustables sizes to choose from. Third, AirVest comes with ingenius attachments allowing to fix it to any body armor. This way, AirVest becomes one with the body armor. » Learn more


Blue Line Leadership Award

The Blue Line Leadership Award recognizes and encourages a standard of excellence that exemplifies “Leadership as an Activity not a Position,” and pride in service to the public. It is open to active Canadian police officers below the rank of senior officer who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to service through deeds resulting in a measurable benefit to their peers, service and community. » Nominate someone deserving today!

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