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Blue Line, The Podcast: Const. James Jefferson, Sudbury Police

Const. James Jefferson, also the first wellness co-ordinator officer at his service, joins us for this episode of Blue Line, The Podcast to share how he endured the fallout of PTSD and has since transformed his life for the better. It’s a remarkable, heart-string tugging story you don’t want to miss.

Training the police officer through a psychophysiological lens

In this month’s Holding the Line column, Michelle Vincent examines a new approach to mental wellness that has been brought forth by Dr. Robert Perkins, a professor of applied psychophysiology with the College of Certified Psychophysiologists. (Psychophysiology is research of the physiological and the psyche interaction, their relationship and causal functioning.)

Roadside ‘strip search’ reasonably conducted: Case law

A strip search performed in a mall parking lot was reasonable in the circumstances and the cocaine found in an accused’s groin area was admissible as evidence. In R. v. Byfield, 2020 ONCA 515, plain clothed police officers conducted surveillance on a house after receiving a confidential tip from an untested informer that an individual was selling drugs from it.
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FSET is partner in the Connected Officer solution

Bringing the office to the officer. FSET hosts and manages the FIRST fully virtualized desktop for law enforcement agencies. Officers are issued a single smartphone and this technology can replace Mobile data terminals (MDT's) in the cruiser and replace laptops or desktops in the Police station. Not only is this solution cost effective, the officer does not lose any functionality with the Desktop experience and it is a more secure connection. #MobilityFirst » Learn more here
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OPP Auxiliary Program

OPP celebrates Auxiliary Program’s 60 years

The year 2020 is yet another significant milestone for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) as it marks the 60th anniversary of the OPP’s Auxiliary Program. The OPP Auxiliary Program currently has 56 units and an authorized strength of 1,000 members. Congrats on this milestone! » Read more

Policing in uncertain times

“By conducting a multi-jurisdictional research study, we were able to capture an in-depth understanding of the lived experiences of Saskatchewan police officers during the first wave of COVID-19,” write Lindsey and Randy Boechler in our October cover story. “Data was collected through an online survey, consisting predominantly of open-ended questions... Survey responses were received between April 20 and May 25, 2020.” » Read more

Sgt. Mike Ashcroft wins Dalhousie’s Bruce MacPhail Award for 2020

Sgt. Mike Ashcroft was hired as a patrol constable by the West Vancouver Police Department in 2005 and has served in the Patrol Division, Investigation and Intelligence Division as the Intelligence Officer and Confidential Informant Co-ordinator. He currently serves as the NCO in charge of the Major Investigations Team. » Read more

Sgt. Lionel Bourdon celebrates 55 years of active duty: Q&A

Sgt. Lionel Bourdon of le Service de police de l’agglomération de Longueuil (SPAL) in Quebec started his career at police de Ville Jacques-Cartier in 1965. He is still actively on duty — his service says he’s the longest serving police officer in Quebec. In fact, SPAL’s media relations says Bourdon just might be in the running for the longest serving officer in the whole country. He shares more of his memories with Blue Line in this Q&A. » Read more