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FLAMEX Announces Introduction

of New IR Detector Series
Greensboro, North Carolina – (January 8, 2019) – The new YMX 5000 Detector series represents a unique and technologically advanced generation of infrared spark and flame sensors for industrial applications. An industry exclusive self-monitoring optics feature provides "through the lens" testing for each detector in real time to immediately alert the user of a reduction of detector capability caused by damage or lens contamination. Wiring requirements are minimized by the new design which allow up to three remote sensors to connect to a field mounted
Control Unit. The Control Unit offers a retrievable lifetime memory function and provides external LEDs to indicate the functional status of each detector. The YMX 5000 Spark Detector is suitable for installation in an extremely wide range of operational temperatures (-40 Degrees F up to 221 Degrees F) and therefore increases its applicability in areas where other detectors may not be appropriate. The increased viewing angle of the detector enhances the detection capability and often reduces the number of detectors required for effective monitoring of a given area. Detectors are protected by robust stainless steel housing and utilize a field removable lens. The detector mounts easily and securely to facilitate installation and maintenance inspections. EX versions for Class 2 Division 1 hazardous areas are available. FM Global Approved.

About FLAMEX Inc.

FLAMEX Inc. is a leading supplier of customized industrial fire prevention and protection equipment. We specialize in the protection of facilities that handle combustible dusts that utilize pneumatic dust collection and air filtration systems. To combat the common problem of dust collector fires and explosions, our company pioneered the use of a new technology in North America by introducing the FLAMEX Spark Detection and Extinguishing System in 1977. It was the first system of its type to gain FM Approval. Since that time, thousands of FLAMEX systems have been installed in numerous industries.

Our capabilities include design, supply, commissioning, repair and service of complete protection systems.

For over 40 years our company has been committed to protecting the lives and property of our customers.

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