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Moving mass, en masse in Biomass: AGI Tramco

Moving mass, en masse in Biomass: AGI Tramco

Since acknowledging their growing popularity within the biomass industry in 2014, AGI Tramco reports that biomass is now one of their top-three served industries. With systems such as their Model G en-masse conveyor, Bulk-Flo, and Jet-Belt conveyor, AGI Tramco has been providing material handling system solutions to a broad range of biomass applications including:

• Wood Chips
• Wood Fiber
• Wood Shavings
• Wood Pellets
• Briquettes
• Charcoal

AGI Tramco's success in the market has largely been attributed to their reputation of durability in extreme applications. All-wear parts on all AGI Tramco systems are easy to replace, facilitating operational efficiency for customers. Top-of-the-line design and manufacturing standards in safety are an added advantage for AGI Tramco's biomass customers; AGI Tramco's conveyors are minimum Class II+ operation duty - with an added safety margin. With a full line of heavy-duty bulk material handling systems, AGI Tramco has further earned its popularity due to its highly customizable construction and flexible design, accommodating plant layout and process simplification. As an industry that increasingly demands safety, rugged construction standards, and design flexibility, biomass continues to look to AGI Tramco for bulk-material handling solutions with growth trends only expected to continue. >> Learn More

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