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<center>SINTO’s high quality products will gear you for performance!</center>

SINTO’s high quality products will gear you for performance!

This is us
Since 1991, Sinto has designed, made and distributed greases, synthetic oils and many other high-performance products maximizing efficiency, protection and durability of mechanical equipment across Canada and United-States.

Our offer

  1. Your lubrication process evaluation - Your Sinto Expert will work with you to evaluate the efficiency of your actual lubrication process. Including bearing life, production output and grease consumption evaluation.

  2. Savings and Performances Projections - Our senior technicians will make projections of your savings and performances based on his real cases analysis.

  3. Evaluations of real savings - You can test our HT2 grease in real time on your equipment. We can match your actual price during testing. You will see the results and savings for yourself.

  4. Establish a long-lasting partnership based on trust. - Based on your needs, we process your orders and maintain your inventory. We can also try to further improve the efficiency.
Whether you operate an Andritz, Bliss, CPM, Promill or any other pelletizer.
Start maximizing, call your SINTO Expert today!

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