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WPAC webinar
Webinar: May 7, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EDT
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The Wood Pellet Association of Canada, together with Canadian Biomass, is hosting a webinar to look at how adopting European boiler standards would enable Canada to tackle climate change and provide affordable, clean and responsible heat for industrial, commercial and residential uses.

You and your colleagues are invited to join this free webinar which will focus on the barriers in Canada to fully benefiting from world-leading biomass opportunities and technologies. Currently the most sophisticated pellet boiler systems are certified to the standards of the European Committee on Standards' (CEN) which are not yet recognized in Canada. By adopting these standards, Canada could reduce reliance on expensive heating oil, lower heating costs for Canadians in rural and Atlantic Canada, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create hundreds of Canadian jobs.

Join us to hear Henrik Persson, a Senior Technical Advisor at the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE), who will provide a broad view of the bases of laws and technical standards and their application in the European Union with particular attention to EN 303-5, the standard focused on ensuring the safety of biomass heating boilers of up to 500kW output power.

We expect the webinar will be of interest to government regulators interested in reducing international and interprovincial barriers to trade, boiler inspectors, standards organizations, certification bodies, engineers and architects, biomass boiler manufacturers, distributors and installers, and Provincial technical safety standards agencies.


Reducing energy costs and tackling climate change with modern biomass heating. Dr. Fahimeh Yazdan Panah, Director of Research and Technical Development, Wood Pellet Association of Canada

Overcoming the barriers to adopting modern biomass heating in Canada. Dr. Harry "Dutch" Dresser, Biomass Heating Expert

How European standards contribute to a thriving modern biomass heating sector while ensuring public safety. Henrik Persson, Senior Engineer, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Question and answer session. Moderated by Dr. Dutch Dresser

Closing remarks. Dr. Yazdan Panah

You can register for this free webinar here. Please forward this invitation to your colleagues and others.

For more information contact:
Gordon Murray, Executive Director
Wood Pellet Association of Canada
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