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Triple Green Products
Triple Green Products
Safe, Low Cost and Carbon Neutral Heating
The cost of using traditional energy sources and landfills for waste, and the taxes imposed for using them, are driving operational costs sky high.
Triple Green Products offers carbon neutral solutions that eliminate the carbon tax that fossil fuels now have imposed on them. Our heating solutions have been installed into institutions ranging from hospitals to universities and businesses large and small. Customers such as these demand reliability when it comes to their heating systems. TGP Biomass Boilers can be housed out-of-sight and can be successfully installed in applications where mechanical infrastructure must be kept in low profile. Customers that choose the Canadian built TGP heating solution will find that our boiler systems use the very latest technologies and are built to industrial standards, not commercial standards like many European competitors.

TGP also has various biomass feeding systems to ensure we meet the requirements of any application no matter the type of biomass fuel.

Triple Green Products….A Better Way
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