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Since entering the industry in 2014, biomass is now one of AGI Tramco’s three largest-served industries. With systems such as the Model G, Bulk-Flo, and RB chain conveyors, AGI Tramco has been providing material handling system solutions to a broad range of biomass applications including:

Wood Fiber | Wood Shavings | Pellets | Briquettes | Charcoal

As an industry that increasingly demands safety, rugged construction standards, and design flexibility, the biomass industry continues to look to AGI Tramco for bulk material handling solutions.

“Best in Class” AGI Tramco conveyors require less downtime, which increases overall plant efficiency and decreases the frequency and expense of maintenance shutdowns. Biomass processors will save on operational expenses with an AGI Tramco system.

The complete conveying-portfolio of AGI Tramco allows equipment buyers to create fully integrated systems with a single supplier. With a full line of heavy-duty bulk material handling conveyors, AGI Tramco earned its popularity due to its highly customizable construction and flexible designs, which simplify plant layouts and processes.

The highly customizable nature of AGI Tramco conveyors allows for exceptional flexibility on each project. Where legacy biomass production or port facilities might have unusual needs, AGI Tramco’s team works on each individual application to customize machinery solutions, ensuring lasting quality and built-in safety on every project.

For more information, please contact our sales team or visit our website at www.aggrowth.com/tramco.

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