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Wood heating technology from HARGASSNER - reduce your carbon footprint
Hargassner offers individual boiler systems for each demand. 140.000 customers from single-family homes up to large-scaled installations for farms, greenhouses, hotels and industry, can‘t be wrong in there decicision to heat with biomass heating boilers made by Hargassner. For more than 38 years on the market Hargassner has established itself on the international market.
Hargassner - advanced biomass heating systems
After a successfull introduction of our wood chip & pellet boilers in the power range between 70 and 120 kW, the product range has now been extended in the power range up to 330 kW. Additionally new small boilers – Nano-PK and Smart-PK are now part of the North American productrange.
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Biomass - a technology for everyone
With this tremendous product portfolio, Hargassner is setting its own standards in the North American region. The fully automatic operation, the modern and durable technology, as well as the possibility to heat 3 different types of fuel (pellets, wood chips or miscanthus) without mechanical modification of the boiler - simply by switching to a different fuel at the touch panel - are characteristic features of Hargassner's biomass heating systems. The customer can conveniently access his low-maintenance heating system from anywhere and at any time.

With the products from Hargassner, an output of up to 2 MW can be achieved by means of a cascade solution. A cascade is an arrangement of several boilers, which provide the required heat output in a modulating manner. In this way, only as much heat is generated as is needed at any given time.
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North American region
Advantages of Pellets and Wood Chips
Not only the boilers convince with their advantages, but also the fuel itself. It is available in North America richly and can be produced and burned thus economically. This kind of CO2-neutral heating not only protects the environment, but also your wallet. Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the positive impact on the regional value chain, because biomass generates new regional jobs for fuel producers or installers.
CO2-neutral heating fuel
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Join the HARGASSNER ACADEMY - developing key knowledge about biomass boilers
The requests for our wood heating boilers rush into tremendous heights. It‘s really important to us, to offer specific trainings to offer specific trainings to improve the knowledge about heating with biomass. Just register to your training date (online or in person) on our website!
The Hargassner Academy
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