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WPAC Conference
Date: September 20, 2022 | Time: 8:00 AM

Topics covered include:

  • new ideas and emerging themes arising from the growing bioeconomy;
  • the role of the pellet sector in supporting forest health and ecosystems;
  • innovative approaches to addressing domestic energy needs with examples from the Arctic and Maritime regions;
  • tackling the carbon controversy – from carbon pricing to the carbon debt to climate change; and
  • shifting from safety research to action, an in-depth look at the learnings from implementation and what’s next for our sector.
Don't miss an opportunity to learn from industry experts:
Diane Collins
Kitsumkalum Economic Development Group
Gustavo Oliveira
Ministry of Forests Innovation, Bioeconomy and Indigenous Opportunities Branch
Jonathan Levesque
Biomass Solutions Biomasse
Dr. Fahimeh Yazdan Panah
Director of Research and Technical Development, Wood Pellet Association of Canada
Kayleigh Rayner-Brown
Principal, Obex Risk
Roger Keery
President, Skeena Sawmills Ltd.
Jeff Mycroft
Regional Sales Manager, Fike Canada
Mike Tasker
Occupational Safety Officer, WorkSafeBC
Diane Nicholls
Vice-President, Sustainability, Drax
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