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Forward to the Future
How do we bring the cost of biogas closer to that of conventional energy?
Looking into the future, this cannot be achieved without improving the efficiency of biogas plants and by optimizing their use of heating and electricity. Minimizing maintenance needs and continuous data are also critical.

Learn how one of our customers achieved success and a return on their monitoring investment with Vaisala’s multigas measurement technology. Discover our customer’s story, and watch the video.
Based on our experience with the instrument, we recommend the MGP261 be installed in all biowaste treatment plants in the future. – Mr. Sato, JFE Environment Technology Company
3 Expert Panel Discussion: How to make biogas production more profitable
Vaisala, Sarlin, and Watrec dive into key topics including:
  • Performance indicators to ensure profitability
  • High-quality biogas & the role of measurement
Guide to measuring the key parameters in your biogas plant
  • Improve your biogas process with accurate measurement and control
  • Increase profitability and lower operating expenses
  • Gain insight into our complete product offering