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Biomass specialist and boiler manufacturer Hargassner celebrates its 20th anniversary in North America with the announcement of major investments in building its local infrastructure. The company has opened a new North American headquarters, invested in local warehousing and hired local staff.

To meet the demand for its products from North America, Hargassner recently established also a new company; Hargassner North America Inc. located in Toronto, Ontario. The new company has been established to look after the growing base of customers, dealers and contractors across North America.

Tailored biomass heating systems for every need

Hargassner offers an individual biomass boiler system scaled to meet almost every level of demand - from single-family homes up to larger-scaled installations for farms, greenhouses, hotels and industry. Critically, all boilers in the range are designed to deliver lower heating costs versus conventional oil and gas burning systems.

The company offers solutions from 32 kW (108,800 BTU/h) to 330 kW (1,122,000 BTU/h) and in cascade set-ups (multiple boilers connected together) up to 2 MW (6,700,000 BTU/h). All systems are officially certified and approved by the U.S. EPA and the CSA.

Hargassner North America Inc.
2100-181 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5H 3M7
+1 437 837 2300