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Why certify? The case for wood pellet certification

SBP, FSC, PEFC Chain of Custody, Green Gold Label, ENplus and CANplus – all of them wood pellet certification schemes. Are they worth it?

ENplus certifies record amount of wood pellets in 2016

The European Pellet Council announced a record year for ENplus with over 8.1 million tonnes of wood pellets certified worldwide in 2016.

Europe takes steps in favour of biomass energy

The European Parliament voted on January 17 and delivered its position on the final versions of both the Renewable Energy and the Energy Efficiency directives.

Policies will drive Japanese demand for industrial wood pellets

The majority of demand growth for industrial wood pellets after 2019 is expected to come from Japan and South Korea.

SBP responds to accusations of flawed carbon counting

The Sustainable Biomass Program responds to the Dogwood Alliance and Natural Resources Defense Council issue paper, The Sustainable Biomass Program: A Smokescreen for Forest Destruction and Corporate Non-accountability.
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ENplus and CANplus Certification with WPAC

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada (WPAC) manages two pellet quality certification programs: ENplus and CANplus. ENplus certification began in 2010 and now accounts for about 80 per cent of pellets sold in the European heating sector. The European Pellet Council (EPC) governs the ENplus program and issues licenses to national pellet associations that manage the program in their own countries. WPAC is an EPC member and is the ENplus national licenser for Canada. CANplus certification is essentially identical to ENplus, with the only difference being that CANplus is governed in Canada by WPAC. Since CANplus is Canada’s national pellet quality certification program, it must be governed in Canada and not in Europe. >> Learn more
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An overview of quality certifications for heating pellets

In the heating sector, quality certification is growing in importance as means of providing third party assurance to consumers that the pellets they are purchasing will provide optimal performance in stoves and boilers. Gordon Murray explains. » Read more...
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Understanding sustainability certifications for pellets

For governments to support wood pellets, they require evidence that solid biofuels do indeed provide GHG benefits and that they are produced sustainably. This has led to the rise of third party sustainability certification in the biofuels industry. » Read more...

Premium Pellet adds SBP to certifications

Premium Pellet in Vanderhoof, B.C., has become the first pellet producer in Canada to hold both Sustainable Biomass Program Certification and ENplus/CANplus certification regarding wood pellet quality. » Read more...

Wood pellet co-firing to resume in the Netherlands

Dutch authorities are still evaluating which certification programs they will accept as evidence of sustainability. » Read more...

Wood pellets: quality fuel like any other

Wood pellet production and finished quality is carefully monitored by the pellet mills’ own lab staff, and the industry supports a number of quality standards and third-party quality certification organizations. » Read more...

Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show

April 5-6, 2018
Location: Moncton, N.B.
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Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo

April 11-12, 2018
Location: Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
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