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Welcome to Biofuels Week 2023!

Biofuels Week has arrived – Canadian Biomass’ new week-long exploration of biogas, biodiesel, ethanol and more. For a full five days we’ll be zeroing in on new projects, technology and low-carbon biofuels solutions.

CBA launches new online tool to help farmers explore biogas production

Available at farmingbiogas.ca, this new online tool will give Canadian farmers quick insight into whether their farm is a good candidate for biogas.

Opinion: Biofuels industry ‘poised and ready’ for Clean Fuel Regulations

"Biofuels, like ethanol and biomass-based diesel, are the most affordable, available, and essential solution to climate change we have," writes Renewable Industries Canada.

Opinion: Repurposing municipal solid waste for bioeconomy benefits

BioApplied's Tristin Mabey explores how Chester, N.S.-based Sustane Technologies transforms municipal solid waste into products and energy.


Fields of energy

The Future Energy Park in Calgary – a flagship project from Alberta’s Green Impact Partners – plans to marry mission with money to create North America’s largest carbon-negative RNG and ethanol project. » Read More...

Why humidity measurements are crucial in harnessing the true power of biogas

The production of energy from biogas and biomass is subject to many variables – especially humidity. Antti Heikkilä with Vaisala explains that between calculating methane volume and determining the frequency of changing carbon filters, understanding how humidity impacts the biogas production process helps ensure maximum project efficiency and profitability. » Read More...

Digesting the North

A Yukon company has developed small-scale biodigesters designed specifically to decarbonize rural and remote communities. Balance BioGas is commercializing its solutions along with a new dashboard tool. » Read More...

A look at Canada’s low-carbon fuel policies and production

Canada published its final final Clean Fuel Regulations last summer, estimating that about 2.2 billion litres of additional low-carbon-intensity diesel and 700 million litres of additional ethanol will be needed in 2030 under the regulations. » Read More...

Canada’s biogas industry celebrates successes at Value of Biogas East

The annual Canadian Biogas Association's Eastern Canada show saw a record attendance of more than 400 biogas industry members this spring. » Read More...

Opinion: Here’s how food waste can generate clean energy

Western University researcher Salvador Escobedo explains how biomass gasification brings cities and municipalities one step closer to putting an end to concerns about food waste. » Read More...

The story of a man with a plan… for a zoo, and its poo

A biogas project at the Toronto Zoo is generating the equivalent of enough power for approximately 250 homes. » Read More...


Biofuels Week

Oct. 16-20, 2023 | Online »

USIPA 2023

October 16, 2023 | Miami, Fla. »

Revelstoke Bio Heat Summit

October 19, 2023 | Revelstoke, B.C. »

Scaling Up 2023

November 6, 2023 | Ottawa »