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Ekona Power Inc. to deploy first clean hydrogen production plant with an industrial partner

Ekona is partnering with ARC Resources to decarbonize natural gas at ARC Resources' Gold Creek Natural Gas Plant in Alberta.

Thermal Energy subsidiary receives purchase order for eight boiler economizers

Thermal Energy's wholly owned subsidiary has received a purchase order valued at approximately $540,000 for eight HeatSponge boiler economizers.

FutureMetrics model helps boiler operators compare the economics of white and black wood pellets

FutureMetrics published a white paper and dashboard that serves as a decision-making model to help power boiler operators who are considering a switch from coal to wood pellets determine if white or black pellets are the optimum choice.

Nominate a safety hero!

Every day, WPAC members and their coworkers work to ensure leading safety practices are embraced. To recognize this steadfast commitment, the Wood Pellet Association of Canada is launching its Safety Hero Award.


Global Wood Pellet Markets: 2023 in review and why industrial wood pellets are key for the future

This article begins with a reminder of the severity of the climate crisis, then proceeds to review trends in the “industrial” pellet market in which pellet fuel is supplied to large scale heat and power stations to replace coal. » Read More...

Managing silo size and humidity key to controlling self-heating in pellets

Self-heating is one of the leading causes of fire and explosion in storing wood pellets. According to a report, five fire and explosion events occurred in wood storage facilities in 2021, and most recently, in 2023, self-heating led to a fire in Japan’s Yonago biomass-fired power generation plant. » Read More...

Biofuel sector hopes for sign from feds

Canada’s biofuel and oilseed sectors will be closely scrutinizing the federal government’s 2023 Fall Economic Statement. » Read More...

U.K. government expected to approve billions for Drax’s BECCS plan

The UK government is expected to approve a multi-billion-pound CO2 carbon capture scheme that will bolt two carbon capture plants onto Drax's four generating units in North Yorkshire. » Read More...

U.S. corn growers get good aviation fuel news

Government approves a calculation that allows ethanol-based sustainable aviation fuel to be eligible for tax credits. » Read More...

Alberta clean tech companies ready for new emissions rules

Clean tech companies in Alberta are ready to expand as new methane emission standards for oil and gas producers are implemented throughout North America. » Read More...


Bio360 Expo 2024

Jan. 24-25, 2024 | Nantes, Fance »

European Pellet Conference 

March 6, 2024 | Wels, Austria »