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CPP Investment Board provides $109.6 million secured loan for woody biomass plant in Spain

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments) has made a major investment in a European biomass plant. It announced that it kicked in €75 million ($109.6 million Cdn) for a secured loan to the Curtis Biomass Plant.

Forest byproducts missed opportunity: arborist

An arborist and forester is noticing the growing risks resulting from the changing climate, drought and insect infestation and their impact on forest conditions. Vince Rutter, owner of Rutter Urban Forestry, said Thunder Bay sits in the middle of a forest and climate change is causing forests to react differently. "Forest fires are a higher risk," he said.

Drum Dryers Symposium: Save the date!

Drum dryers present the risk of fires and explosions due to combustible dust, as well as conditions that can lead to the generation and accumulation of combustible gas. Join WPAC, BC Forest Safety Council and Canadian Biomass for this online symposium as we explore best practices for safer operations of drum dryers.


Opinion: Not all carbon-capture projects pay off for the climate – we mapped the pros, cons of each

Capturing carbon dioxide from the air or industries and recycling it can sound like a win-win climate solution. The greenhouse gas stays out of the atmosphere where it can warm the planet, and it avoids the use of more fossil fuels. But not all carbon-capture projects offer the same economic and environmental benefits. In fact, some can actually worsen climate change. » Read More...

Mill closures, wildfires curbed Canadian pellet production 6% in 2023: USDA report

Wood pellet production in Canada last year declined by six per cent, according to forecast data published in late December by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). The USDA said the decline is a "result of closure of pellet mills, reductions in allowable cut, and a high activity wildfire season." » Read More...

Canfor holding analyst call March 6 to announce fourth-quarter results

Canfor Corporation is holding a joint analyst conference call with Canfor Pulp Products next month to announce its fourth-quarter results. » Read More...

Osoyoos Indian Band and Mercer Celgar work together to enhance the use of “waste wood”

Aligning with the provincial government’s goal to decrease the burning of slash piles and increase the utilization of wood fibre that has traditionally been wasted, the Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB) and Mercer Celgar (Celgar) are collaborating to rethink conventional practices. » Read More...

Another look 

Biomass Harvesting Week: What we learned

Canadian Biomass and Canadian Forest Industries teamed up to turn the spotlight on biomass harvesting across the country. » Read More...