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Normandin Research Farm installing pellet biomass heating system at cost of $835,000

The money will be used to replace the current oil-based heating system in the farm's main building with a pellet biomass heating system to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

WPAC organizing trade mission to Taiwan, including one-day conference in March

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada, together with the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei and the Taiwan Bio-energy Technology Development Association, is organizing a trade mission to Taiwan on March 11-15, 2024.

New report highlights crucial role of carbon dioxide removal in meeting 2050 climate goals

The B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) and Innovative Breakthrough Energy Technologies (IBET Climate) have unveiled a new report that sheds light on the crucial role of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) in combating global warming.

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MILPRO COUNTERFLOW COOLERS have an undeniable competitive advantage due to our unique design features. The internal rotary airlock allows for a more compact unit while the combination of the extractor design and air suction duct allows for an even spread of the cooling air without lifting product. Heavy-duty. trouble-tree and affordable. MILPRO coolers provide a superior quality product and an excellent return on investment. » Learn More

In the aftermath of a climate disaster

Thanks in part to this enormous natural resource, the NWT has quietly become a national leader in biomass heating. And with the effects of climate change bearing down on the North, biomass energy is becoming more essential than ever. » Read More...

Construction underway on massive $1.8 billion biofuels plant in Spain with capacity to produce 500,000 tons of aviation fuel

Construction is starting in Spain on what is being called the "largest second-generation biofuels plant in Southern Europe," according to Cepsa and Bio-Oils, a subsidiary of Apical. » Read More...

California county to issue RFP for $25 million biomass project to mitigate wildfire risk

A California county has approved an RFP for a biomass facility that is expected to cost $25 million U.S. as it aims to reduce the risk of wildfires. The County of Placer approved the Cabin Creek Biomass Facility in North Lake Tahoe, Calif., back in 2013. But the plan was shelved due to "uncertainty around the long-term economic feasibility of operating the facility." » Read More...


Achieving consistent flow: how flow aids can help resolve bulk material handling issues

In order to achieve controlled and consistent flow on conveyors handling large volumes of bulk material, transfer chutes and vessels must be designed not just to accommodate, but to actually facilitate the flow of the cargo they will be handling. » Read More...

Sterling TT’s CACW coolers to be installed at new Japanese biomass plant

Sterling TT have been selected to design and manufacture bespoke CACW coolers for a biomass-fired power generation facility in Fukuyama town, Hiroshima Prefecture. This planned biomass power facility is set to commence operation in May 2025. It is predicted to produce enough electricity for 120,000 households in Japan each year. » Read More...

WSM unveils newly re-designed Super Screener

New rugged features include longer machine life thanks to a 15 per cent lighter basket and increased durability with oversize hangers. Material moves up to four times faster thanks to the steep slope, stainless steel pan bottom – ideal for wet material like compost and bark mulch. » Read More...