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FEATURED NEWS: Opinion: Health-care funding reform needed to address aging population
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Scoliosis linked to disruptions in spinal fluid flow

A new study in zebrafish suggests that irregular fluid flow through the spinal column brought on by gene mutations is linked to a type of scoliosis that can affect humans during adolescence. Found in humans and zebrafish, these mutated genes damage the cilia – tiny hair-like projections that line the spinal canal and help move the fluid – and lead to a curvature of the spine. >> Read full article

University researchers cast doubt on vitamin D supplements

Researchers at the University of Alberta are suggesting there might not be as much medical benefit to vitamin D supplements as previously thought. A team led by Michael Allen, director of the Evidence-Based Medicine Department at the faculty of medicine, recently examined the evidence for 10 common beliefs about the pills. >> Read full article

"Self stigma" still barrier in military mental health: psychiatrist

The senior psychiatrist with the Canadian Armed Forces says strides have been made in reducing the stigma of mental illness in the military but some soldiers still suffer in silence. >> Read full article

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 Featured News 
Feature News

Opinion: Health-care funding reform needed to address aging population

Funding home care and long-term care is fast becoming the main challenge of our outdated medicare system.The system was developed in the mid-20th century for a young population that mostly required acute care from hospitals and physicians. But that need is changing rapidly with our aging population. >> Learn More…

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