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Obesity may lower pain threshold: study

An extra layer of fat won't provide a cushion against pain – in fact, obese people are more sensitive to pressure pain than those who are not overweight, and they are equally susceptible to extremes of hot and cold.

Research review: Eyes on the ball

The purpose of this study was to investigate whether sitting on a stability ball, instead of a chair would have an effect on core endurance, nonspecific low-back pain (LBP), and/or disability as a result of LBP.

Clearing the way to refuse prescriptions

A growing number of U.S. states are working to help patients make it clear to medical professionals they don't want to be prescribed powerful opioids.

Alberta celebrates 100 years of chiropractic

The Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors (ACAC) is celebrating its centennial year and asking chiropractic patients to share stories of healing and their experiences with chiropractic.
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    The EXSTORE Assessment System is a musculoskeletal assessment system which allows clinicians to functionally assess an injury in under 2 minutes without having to rely on conventional orthopedic testing or extensive diagnostic tests. It is based on pre-existing research from academic journals.

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    'Couch potato' youth missing out on crucial bone development: study

    A new study has found teens who have a "couch potato" lifestyle risk having permanent negative effects on their bone health. Orthopedics Prof. Heather McKay of the University of British Columbia says about 36 per cent of the adult skeleton is developed during adolescence when growth spurts typically happen, and physical activity is critical for developing bone strength and density. » Read more...

    Life Vision - Montreal

    March 31-April 1, 2017
    Location: Montreal
    » Learn more

    Torque Release Technique Seminar

    April 8, 2017
    Location: Courtyard Saskatoon Airport 333 Aerogreen Cres. Saskatoon, SK
    » Learn More

    IWH Spring 2017 Systematic Review Workshop

    May 3-5, 2017
    Location: Institute for Work & Health, 481 University Avenue Suite 800 Toronto, Ontario M5G 2E9
    » Learn more

    Torque Release Technique Seminar

    May 6, 2017
    Location: Vancouver, B.C.
    » Learn more

    Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors Centennial Celebration

    May 13-14, 2017
    Location: Calgary Commonwealth Centre, Calgary, Alta.
    » Learn more