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For love – not money: Chiropractic in professional sports

When I was in chiropractic school a professor told me chiropractors in the NFL made a salary of $250,000 per year. I believe my professor was telling me what they thought to be the truth – although they have been misinformed.

Neuroscientist explores effects of chiropractic adjustment on the brain

Chiropractic scientist Dr. Heidi Haavik says the results of her scientific studies have shown that the chiropractic adjustment is changing the way the brain's prefrontal cortex is processing proprioceptive information.

New JAMA report shows benefits of spinal manipulation for low back pain

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) adds to a growing body of recent research supporting the use of spinal manipulative therapy as a first line treatment for acute low back pain, according to the American Chiropractic Association. The review examined randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews and other published research since 2011 to determine the effectiveness and safety of SMT for low back pain patients.
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Practice Acceleration

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Fat fuels: All the fuss about exogenous ketones

Science suggests fats, protein and carbohydrates may be the only macronutrient choices for people. However, some in the scientific field are speculating that newly available exogenous ketones (EK) could be the fourth macronutrient as they are energy-containing molecules. In recent podcasts, I have heard scientists and fitness enthusiasts state that ketones are the brain’s preferred fuel source, support body composition changes, increase focus and clarity, improve energy, manage inflammation, improve sleep and support mitochondrial health. With EK being new in Canada, I wanted to dive deeper and learn more. » Read more...