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10 heart health facts every woman should know

Nearly every minute, a woman dies from heart disease in the United States – it is the number one killer of women, causing one in three deaths each year, according to the American Heart Association. When it comes to heart disease, women experience unique causes, symptoms and outcomes compared to men.

Treating depression in patients may curb opioid dependence: study

Opioid cessation in non-cancer pain may be more successful when depression is treated to remission, a study from Saint Louis University in Missouri shows.

Medical marijuana patients say market must remain distinct from recreational

Diana Koch never wanted to numb her pain and anxiety with opioids. After seeing family members struggle with addiction, she felt pharmaceuticals were not an option. Medical marijuana freed the 36-year-old from her troubling symptoms, but with recreational weed legalization looming, she worries about her portion of the market being swallowed up.

Not every mental health concern requires a doctor

Canadians suffer when important mental health services are unavailable or wait times are too long. Fortunately, many of us – including children, parents, other relatives and friends – may find and implement worthwhile solutions to important problems while people wait.
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Running a Chiropractic practice just became much easier!

Chiropractors don’t graduate from school knowing how to run a business. And when they confront today’s brutal business environment, they often struggle or even end up leaving the profession. But chiropractic practice leaders shouldn’t despair. Not only is it possible to survive, it’s possible to be successful from Day One, writes Drew Stevens, PhD, a renowned consultant who has helped hundreds of practices go from sagging profits to robust earnings.

In simple terms, Dr. Stevens offers chiropractors all of the techniques they need to improve their operations, strengthen their brand and build long-term patient loyalty. This book offers methods increase patient volume by as much 40% and shares protocols which can substantially reduce the amount of labour needed to run your practice. » Order Now!
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Town doctors

Sylvia Hoyt believed she’d never ride her beloved Quarter Horses again – until she met chiropractor, Dr. Erik Klein, who was determined to get her back up in the saddle again and competing against the world’s top equestrians. Getting recommended to Klein is common in this part of southern New Brunswick, though his renown ripples much farther. He’s known as the founder and CEO of The Town Chiropractor, a network of clinics that provide essential care to people in a number of smaller communities across the province. » Read more...

CMCC Practice Opportunity 2018

February 14, 2018
Location: Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College CCPA Hall & Lecture Hall 1 6100 Leslie St. Toronto, ON M2H 3J1
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McGill 2 Master level assessment course: Converging on a Precise Diagnosis

June 2-3, 2018
Location: Taboo Muskoka, 1209 Muskoka Beach Road, Gravenhurst, Ontario
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