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Managing chronic pain with light

Scientists from EMBL Rome have now identified a special population of nerve cells in the skin that are responsible for sensitivity to gentle touch. These are also the cells that cause severe pain in patients with neuropathic pain.

Steep rise in opioid related deaths

A new study finds a steep rise in opioid-related deaths in Ontario among teens and young adults. Researchers at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto say one out of six deaths among Ontarians aged 25 to 34 was related to opioids in 2015.

New imaging system makes back surgery safer, faster and less expensive

Dartmouth professors from the Thayer School of Engineering and the Geisel School of Medicine developed a 3-dimensional, real-time optical tracking system to guide back surgeons as they operate, like a Google Maps for the body, according to findings published in the journal Operative Neurosurgery.
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Sound Science Webinar

Don’t miss out on “Sound Science”

Join us May 15 at noon for a virtual presentation from Dr. Jerome Fryer. Dr. Fryer will discuss his recent research and investigation into the “cracking” sound made during joint manipulation. Prior research has suggested that bubble collapse was the cause of joint cracking, but a 2015 study refuted the bubble collapse theory and laid the groundwork for Fryer’s follow-up research, which raised further questions relating to synovial fluid. How can joint cracking help you better understand your practice and patients? » Sign up today!
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Detecting signs of cancer in chiropractic patients

Manual therapists, including chiropractors are ideally placed to screen for skin cancers among patients in clinical practice. It’s important to examine patients for skin lesions on a regular basis in clinical practice, and it emphasizes the value of gowning patients for such purposes during all routine chiropractic examination and treatment visits. » Read more...