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Taxes must go up if Canada wants national pharmacare

Former federal budget watchdog Kevin Page will deliver a blunt message to premiers this week about the costs of a future national pharmacare program: if Canadians want one, taxes will have to go up.

People in the wealthiest states get more exercise

After state-level data was pulled from a variety of sources in a semi-scientific effort to identify the factors — demographic, cultural, economic and otherwise — that have the biggest relationship to whether residents of a given state accomplish their weekly workouts.

Stopping migraines before they start

When researchers see the brain image of an aura, they try to figure out what causes it and if there is a way to stop the start of the migraine. Now an international team of researchers has identified the electrical activity specific to the start of migraines and demonstrated a way to stop it in animal experiments.
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What’s our role in a National Pain Strategy?

The idea of a national pain strategy for Canada is nothing new. For instance, in 2012 the Canadian Pain Society called for such a strategy during the organization’s summit meeting in Ottawa. Recently, media attention and public outcry over the recent opioid addiction crisis as well as the sustained efforts by research and advocacy groups clamouring for better pain management, have swung the spotlight back on a national pain strategy agenda. » Read more...

2018 Atlantic Chiropractic Conference

October 27-28
Location: Moncton, N.B.
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