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Help with drug discovery for chronic inflammatory diseases

Inflammasomes -- protein-based molecular machines -- trigger inflammation in response to different signals generated by cell stress, tissue injury or infectious organisms.

American Chiropractic Association rallies opposition to headache policy

The American Chiropractic Association strongly opposes a new policy by UnitedHealthcare that denies headache sufferers the option to treat their pain without drugs using spinal manipulative therapy.

Chance of being prescribed opioids depends where you live.

Patients who sought care for a sprained ankle in states that were found to be "high prescribers" of opioids were approximately three times more likely to receive a prescription for the drugs than those treated in "low-prescribing" states, according to new research.
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Osteopathy for the Over 50s

Although textbooks on the subject of Osteopathy have been in print for over 100 years, there is little material specifically addressing the treatment of adults over the age of 50, in spite of the increase in this demographic group.

This book is intended to provide a study of the biomechanics and physiology of somatic dysfunction as it relates to individuals over the age of 50.

Practitioners require information about the diagnosis of somatic dysfunction and application of osteopathic manipulative treatment specifically as it relates to this age group – and this is where this book is invaluable. » Learn More
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Chiropractic care and risk for acute lumbar disc herniation

Lumbar disc herniation (LDH) is considered one of the most recognizable and clinically challenging sources of low back pain (LBP). The clinical picture of LDH in the early stages (i.e. the prodromal phase), in which LBP progresses to radicular leg pain and possible neurologic signs, is often uncertain and can be a confusing time. » Read more...

2018 Atlantic Chiropractic Conference

October 27-28
Location: Moncton, N.B.
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