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May 21, 2019

Opioid-exposed newborns may react to pain differently after birth

Babies exposed to opioids while their mothers were pregnant with them may need special care even before they start to experience withdrawal symptoms, according to Penn State research.

Faster walkers more likely to live longer

The research, using data from the UK Biobank of 474,919 people recruited within the UK, found those with a habitually fast walking pace have a long life expectancy across all levels of weight status.

Workplace interventions may improve sleep habits and duration for employees

Educational programs encourage better sleep and sleep-related outcomes.
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Introduction to Public Health for Chiropractors

The vast majority of chiropractors utilize public health concepts every day as an integral part of patient care. For instance, chiropractors give advice on risk factors that should be avoided and protective factors to be added by their patients to enhance healing and prevent illness.

This text fills the need for a public health textbook specifically designed for the chiropractor. This book will not only be of interest to chiropractic students, but also practicing chiropractors because it will provide information they can utilize to provide better care by positively intervening with their patients and their communities regarding public health matters. >> Order now
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Is your heart in it? Understanding the state of flow in practice

I quickly utilized the “Health” option on my new watch, which tracked my heart rate throughout the day. In general, I noticed my heart rate while I was sleeping was in the 50bpm range, while my waking resting heart rate was in the 60s. One day I decided to look back at an entire month and it was really intriguing: I realized that while at work, once or twice per day my heart rate had dropped into the low or mid 40bpm range. The interesting part was that these lower readings ONLY happened while I was at work during times where I was performing soft tissue/myofascial release on a patient, and would last three to four minutes at a time. » Read more...

Clinic Space Available in Busy/Mature Lindsay Plaza

Million-dollar opportunity available in mature, high traffic plaza Location: Kawartha Lakes » Learn More

Associate Chiropractor Wanted

Associate chiropractor needed for well-established clinic. New grads and experienced chiropractors may apply.
Location: St. Thomas, Ont.
» Learn More

Pregnancy/Pediatric Chiropractor

Seeking a specialized associate to join our niche practice in the beautiful Okanagan.
Location: Kelowna, B.C.
» Learn More