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July 8, 2019

Natural health products jump on bandwagon of hype over endocannabinoid system

If average consumers are unclear about what CBD-infused products do and how they interact with the body, it's about to get even more convoluted with a new class of products that purport to essentially do the same things, but without weed as an ingredient.

Ontario concussion rates higher than previously reported, study suggests

Increasing awareness and understanding of concussions are allowing researchers to better track the prevalence of the condition, a new study suggests, noting that rates of such injuries in Ontario are about twice as previously reported.

Deep Aging Clocks: The emergence of AI-based biomarkers of aging and longevity

The advent of deep biomarkers of aging, longevity and mortality presents a range of non-obvious applications.
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Lumbar spinal stenosis bootcamp: New approaches for patients with complex back and leg pain

Based on my experience with LSS patients, I concluded that by simply having the patients tilt forward, they experienced immediate and significant relief. As Dr. Ammendolia explained, the type of pain they are experiencing is not inflammatory, and therefore medications, herbals, anti-inflammatory diets, and corticosteroids are ineffective. The simple movement of the body bending forward allowed more room for the spinal cord and spinal nerves within the central and lateral canals. The instantaneous relief was due to the sudden improvement in the microvascular circulation to the spinal nerves. Once the patient regained their upright posture, the pain would soon return. This etiological sequence provided evidence as to how the condition should be treated. His research eventually led him to develop the “Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Bootcamp." » Read more...

Life West's The Wave

Date: Aug. 16-18
Location: Oakland, CA
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The National Chiropractic Conference

Date: Aug. 22-25
Location: Orlando, FL
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CMCC 15th annual Back Swing '19

Date: Sept. 12
Location: Kelowna, B.C.
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