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October 7, 2019

Physical activity and good fitness improve cardiac regulation in children

A recent Finnish study showed that more physically active and fit children have better cardiac regulation than less active and fit children.

Ontario Ministry of Labour inspectors focusing on musculoskeletal, respiratory illnesses

"My top priority is workplace safety," Minister McNaughton said. "We all need to be careful about the way we're working. Lifting, carrying and even sitting the wrong way can lead to injuries."

The science of mindfulness — what do we really know ?

The historical practice of mindfulness is a burgeoning integrated medicine field associated with benefits for people with issues ranging from insomnia to chronic pain and fueled by more than $550 million in federal funding over the past 20 years.
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“Causalgia” – A curious case of a crazy kind of pain (Part One)

Last month, a rather elderly woman presented with a bad case of low back pain. As we first sat down for the interview, she made one thing abundantly clear: “Whatever you do” she said, “DO NOT touch me there!” She pointed to the outside of her left knee. As we were talking, my arm inadvertently brushed up against the side of her knee and she yelled. Her face twisted and grimaced with pain, as though I’d just “dragged a sheet of sandpaper across freshly scalded skin.” (Her words, not mine). I had so many questions. » Read more...