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A Message from the Publisher
Dear &fname;

Are you a consulting engineering company that specializes in building engineering services? Are you looking for a way to promote your services to potential clients?

With pricing starting at $50 for a listing, the CCE Directory of Building Engineers is a unique - and effective - opportunity to reach thousands of architects, contractors, design-builders, government officials and others in the construction industry.

Because it specifically lists engineers who design buildings, the on-line directory is just the kind of tool your potential clients need and will call upon.

Each company is listed by its specialty (structural, mechanical, electrical, etc.). An "all categories" listing is also available.

The digital tool is user-friendly and searchable. Companies are listed at a glance.

The listing includes a URL link to your website.

Promotion to Your Clients
  • Upon publication in December 2016, a live link to the Directory will be sent via e-blast on two separate occasions to all e-subscribers of the following magazines: Energy Management (18,000), Connections+ (14,000), Canadian Consulting Engineer (9,700), Canadian Contractor (9,369), HPAC (7,168) and Onsite (2,638).
  • The link will also be e-mailed to over 19,000 municipal and other government officials, contractors, construction managers, design-builders and real estate managers.
  • The directory will be a feature on Canadian Consulting Engineer's popular website (over 28,000 monthly impressions),, between December 2016 and December 2017.
How to Proceed
Don't miss the deadline for purchasing a listing December 1, 2016

For more information and sample listings, click here.

To book your listing, click here.

If you have an editorial or technical question, please click here.

Best Regards
Maureen Levy
Senior Publisher – Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine
& CCE Directory of Building Engineers

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