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ECFanGrid: Compact, Reliable, Energy Efficient.
The ECFanGrid is a multiple fan system designed by Rosenberg Group for upgrading inefficient and obsolete Air Handling Units (AHU). It is ideally suited for use in Retrofit projects, particularly where a single large radial fan is being replaced. The compact and modular design of the ECFanGrid allows our modules to fit through standard doors.

Driven by our variable speed and energy efficient EC Motors, ECFanGrid delivers a compact solution. When we compare the space needed for the ECFanGrid to a single large blower our system can save you up to 50%.

When Redundancy is a requirement, one approach is to place a second identical system beside the operating unit. This is inefficient and doubles the cost while increasing the required footprint. However, if an ECFanGrid is used and one of the fans stops, the remaining fans automatically increase their speed to maintain the operating point until the fan can be replaced. This makes Rosenberg ECFanGrid a logical, efficient and cost-effective choice.

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