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How wireless communicating technologies lower the installed cost of building automation upgrades.
This webinar will provide an overview, understanding and discussion of how wireless communicating technologies lower the total installed cost of building automation, reducing installation time, being less invasive while enabling modern upgrades and retrofits to current HVAC control, lighting and energy metering.

Customers know that upgrading an existing building by adding a building automation system maximizes comfort while bringing greater energy efficiency. In the past, adding these systems to an existing building would be cost prohibitive and often very invasive with a low return on investment. Modern wireless communicating solutions reduce the investment in time and costs. Ultimately, this makes the retrofit financially viable and adds immediate benefits by allowing greater visibility for building owners, managers and operators. It also improves occupant comfort while maximizing energy efficiency. Join us to learn more about these evolving technologies that bring real benefits and measurable cost savings to buildings, either new or existing.