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Zone Valve, Ball Valve, Globe Valve or Pressure Independent Valve? Which one?
Join Alan Burt on a webcast to review the importance of properly specified valves and actuators in a building’s HVAC control system. Using data from real project specifications, we delve into Division 23 Valve and Actuator specifications and provide some insight on how to select the right valve and actuator for your application. Insights will be provided into the different technologies of valves and actuators (Zone, Ball, Globe, Butterfly, and Pressure Independent), their most important specifications, and why different technologies of valves and actuators are better suited than others for various building types.

Alan Burt has worked at Schneider Electric for over 25 years in various technical and marketing roles. He has been involved with the design, application and
  commissioning of HVAC Building Management Systems throughout North America including controllers, valves, and actuators. Alan is located at the Schneider Electric Product Development facility in Rockford, Illinois.