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  How will pandemic responses influence construction and retrofits?  
  COVID-19 is a moving target, but as we learn more about how it spreads, we can start to design buildings and infrastructure in response, so as to minimize incidences of infection across our population.

From retail stores and office buildings, from medical clinics to manufacturing plants and across the spectrum of land and air transportation, there are opportunities to improve resiliency against the pandemic—and better prepare ourselves for future threats, too.

This Thursday, Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine brings four experts together to discuss current challenges and to offer real-world solutions. The event will be of particular interest to engineers, contractors, architects and other professionals across the construction and infrastructure sector.

Register now for free and then join Canadian Consulting Engineer this Thursday, July 16 at 1:00 pm ET for this virtual symposium, with thought leaders discussing real-world examples of how COVID-19 will affect the types of projects you work on in the future.