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Champion Fibreglass
Get a long term solution to the PVC shortage
If you are struggling with the PVC shortage, there’s a solution: Champion Fiberglass® ID-type conduit.

As the PVC shortage continues, Champion Fiberglass has short lead times and competitive pricing to keep projects on track. In fact, it has been used successfully in place of PVC in applications such as utilities, bridges and commercial construction.

Across many applications, projects using fiberglass ID-type conduit benefit from:
  • Lower installation costs
  • Light weight
  • Superior compression and impact strength
Engineered for ultimate strength, yet still lightweight, fiberglass ID-type conduit is superior to PVC because of its lower coefficient of friction, lack of burn-through, wide temperature range and lack of toxicity.

To illustrate how these systems compare, we’ve detailed product features across fiberglass conduit, PVC SCH 40, PVC SCH 80 and PVC-coated steel. See head-to-head how they stack up regarding installation times, halogen release, cable fault, UV resistance and more.
Champion Fiberglass vs PVC Conduit
Learn more in the Champion Fiberglass vs. PVC Conduit Comparison Chart.
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Headquartered in Spring, Texas, Champion Fiberglass is the leading supplier of fiberglass conduit and strut to the industrial, electrical and mechanical markets. With the most advanced production facility for manufacturing fiberglass conduit in North America, our proprietary high-speed winding process and high-temperature curing ovens are key to the consistency and quality of these lightweight, versatile products.