Introducing the new industry standard for electrical distribution protection: The PowerPacT™ Molded-Case Circuit Breaker, with system integration that supports better productivity and operations.

Innovative design
PowerPacT™ features a new visual trip indicator ‘Visi-Trip™’, front-facing and semi-transparent breaker, and its forward-thinking design allows you to reach new levels of connectivity! Suitable for heavy-duty applications, this highly flexible solution is designed to protect electrical distribution systems from damage caused by overloads and short circuits. With ratings from 15 A to 3000 A.

Unique features
- Reduce downtime with the industry's first LED Visi-Trip™ trip indication
- Multi-Standard for simplified global design
- Next-generation design
- QR Codes for easy access to device documentation
- Transparent cover to quickly identify breaker accessories

Designed by the voice of our customers to help protect your electrical distribution system. 

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