The importance of safety protocols and procedures have become a vital aspect for facilities across Canada no matter the market. Having in place the correct public address system to notify staff, guests or customers, are constantly reviewed in search of areas to improve their visibility and reliability. At TOA Canada, we are leaders in the PA and mass notification communication systems and have a trusted reputation for the equipment and solutions we offer. Now we are adding a new piece of tool to our arsenal. TOA Canada has teamed up with American Time to develop the toalert portal interface for everyday and emergency communication through 22” monitors that easily integrates with our PA solutions. The combination of audio and visual systems with an easy to program cloud based management portal will permit facilities, like schools, to consolidate bells schedules, deliver critical and timely messages during crises, display important messages such as upcoming events and even show you up to date weather conditions. By providing a graphical message to go along with the audio warning, companies and institutions can be better prepared for deliver messages to a wide area for all to hear.

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