“Smart building”— it’s a buzzword that we hear a lot nowadays. Intelligent buildings that bolster efficiencies and operations - from HVAC to water systems to security systems – are in high demand from vanguard developers and building operators. And it’s becoming more and more important and expected as the world evolves.

Engineers like you know that today planning for a smart building starts right at the beginning. And it begins with asking the right questions – what objectives are we aiming to achieve? How does technology work easily and effectively to achieve those objectives? Surveillance and security solutions can play a critical role in the operation and management of a smart building. From visitor access management, occupancy management, integration into other smart systems such as lighting and HVAC, there’s more to a network video camera and network audio solutions than just security.

Listen to our podcast as we discuss how smart technology can be integrated into your designs early for easy customization and future-proof buildings.

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