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The webinar will be presented by Naveen Thorati, Director of Maple Armor’s Research & Development, and Mr. Daniel Guérin, Senior Director of Business Development, also at Maple Armor. The presentation will last about 50 minutes, plus a 10-minute Q&A session.

The Alarm systems of today and tomorrow must meet higher standards of functionality to allow faster and more targeted fire extinguishing interventions. The notions of Sequential Alarm Display, Class-X Network communication, appropriate zoning of the system is even more important to consider during the Engineering and Design of a fire alarm system.
  • Learning new Fire standards requirements
  • Understand what a proper System Design can be
  • Apply a State-of-the-Art Engineering Concept
  • Notification Evacuation Signals Challenges


Naveen Thorati

Director of Research & Development @Maple Armor Fire Alarm Device Co., Ltd
Mr. Thorati is an engineer with over 20 years of in-depth experience in the fire alarm and suppression industry, including product and system design and development, hardware, and software management and technology development.

Daniel Guerin

Senior Director of Business Development @Maple Armor Fire Alarm Device Co., Ltd
Mr. Guérin has been involved in the field of fire detection and protection since 1985. With over 35 years of experience, he has held many different positions such as Service Manager for 26 years, and Account Manager for 6 years.

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