A Message from our publisher

Our inaugural Women in Engineering virtual event (VE) on June 21 is strategically timed to lead directly into International Women in Engineering Day on June 23. This is a key opportunity to promote greater gender diversity in one of Canada’s most celebrated areas of expertise, as consulting engineering firms seek to recruit and retain more women for roles at all levels of seniority. Our goal is to spotlight the accomplishments of successful female professional engineers, encourage more women to join the industry/community and raise awareness of organizations that are already taking a leading role in this effort.
  • Recognize the careers of successful women in the industry
  • Build your reputation as an industry leader in diversity
  • Amplify brand visibility among Canada's top consulting engineering firms
  • Position your organization as progressive
  • Increase exposure to key audiences across multiple media platforms, including print, email, website, social media and the live virtual event

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