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In a world where sharing a published article or industry standard can be as easy as a mouse click, organizations struggle to manage their risks around copyright infringement while also enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing. Each publisher has its own restrictions on reuse, and risk managers face the challenge of complying with a wide variety of subscription terms and conditions.

In addition, as more organizations cut back or eliminate their internal libraries, employees lack guidance on how to share and distribute digital content while remaining within the bounds of copyright laws. By strategic licensing of content—in addition to their traditional subscriptions—engineering organizations can reduce risk and administrative costs, and collaborate strategically with others both within and outside the enterprise.

Key takeaways include:
  • How licensing content can increase its value to the organization
  • Why protecting the organization from the risk of copyright infringement matters in the digital age
  • How copyright licenses benefit the enterprise in streamlined access and risk mitigation
Join information expert Mary Ellen Bates to learn how engineering organizations can reduce risk, improve collaboration, and optimize content and subscription spending through copyright compliance licensing.

Speaker bio

Mary Ellen Bates

Principal of Bates Information Services Inc.
Principal of Bates Information Services Inc., based in Colorado, US. She provides business research and analysis to strategic decision makers, and consulting services to the information industry. She is a prolific writer and international speaker on trends in the information industry. Prior to starting her business in 1991, she worked in specialized libraries for over a decade.