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Concept Lab is an R&D hub for design professionals, academia and innovators that focuses on advancing structural design, discovering new ways to build, and propelling architectural imagination. The Lab is located at Fast + Epp’s headquarters in Vancouver, B.C. and includes a full shop to fabricate models and mock-ups, a 100,000lb loading frame for structural testing, a 3D printer and 6-axis robotic arm along with digital suites.

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A few reasons why McElhanney is recognized as part of Canada’s Top 100 Employer program:
  • Our practical and innovative programs to support women in the professional consulting industry;
  • Our achievements in expanding equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace; and
  • Our generous financial incentives for our great people.
Visit our website to learn more about what makes McElhanney an exceptional employer; and while you are visiting, check out our Careers section to explore job opportunities.
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Morrison Hershfield’s experts seek to share knowledge with our peers and future generations of engineers and designers. Our free webinars are intended to educate, inspire and further the collective knowledge of our industry. Learn about the innovative engineering, tools and technologies behind our infrastructure solutions by accessing over 100 webinars on-demand.
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Thurber Engineering Ltd. provides geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials engineering and testing services across Canada. Our extensive range of expertise allows us to support clients from diverse industries, including transportation, building construction, municipal infrastructure, dams and water resources, industrial development, mining, and marine sectors.

With 14 offices located throughout Canada, each of our branches specializes in its regional environment. This enables us to understand and address the unique challenges and requirements of each area.
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Looking for a rewarding career in a growing and innovative industry? Then the precast concrete industry is for you! The prefabricated building market is projected to be the fastest-growing sector in the construction industry. The Canadian precast concrete industry has witnessed high growth due to rapid urbanization, the booming prefabricated concrete construction sector, and the demand for innovative and sustainable technologies.
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LRI’s Compliance Connect program supports Building owners and property managers in handling the responsibility of their buildings required fire and life safety tasks as per applicable fire code regulations. The job of managing inspections, reports, drills, and annual plans while also keeping records for compliance purposes, along with auditing for vendor performance presents numerous challenges and can be daunting to keep track of.

Compliance Connect uses a secure, online platform to manage these demanding and time-consuming tasks. The program augments owners’ and managers’ commitment to high standards for the safety of all occupants, in addition to maintaining regulatory compliance.

Fore more information please email infor@lrifire.com
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