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news: Trains, planes and buses on Canada's July spending list

B.C. Mining Code changes done after Mount Polley disaster

Province's guidelines for engineering and managing tailings ponds "now as good as exist anywhere in the world." Changes include new guidance on the steepness of dam slopes. » Read full article

Manitoba Auditor General finds problems in bridge inspection program

In a report issued July 21, the Auditor General of Manitoba found problems in how the province's 3,000 bridges and large culverts are being inspected, as well as issues related to bridge construction. » Read full article

Elevators across Canada are aging; emergency calls more frequent

A widely published article reports that problems with elevators are becoming more frequent. Calls to help people trapped have doubled since 2001. » Read full article

Fort Erie Bridge construction involves eight-hour lateral slide

The 63-year old Central Avenue bridge in Fort Erie, Ontario was replaced in a complex procedure overseen by consulting engineers. » Read full article

Trains, planes and buses on Canada's July spending list

The federal government announced funding for civil and mechanical-electrical upgrades to air, rail and transit projects in July. » Read full article

Molten salt and sun combine to make power at 110-MW plant in Nevada

In these hot, dry days of summer, a technology that benefits from being in the desert sounds appealing. The SolarEdge concentrator both generates and stores power. » Read full article
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