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On June 21, join us for Advance: Women In Engineering!

The virtual summit is designed to facilitate conversations about breaking down barriers and advancing women across Canada’s engineering industry.

The Conversation: Canada’s housing crisis demands better buildings

Canada needs more good-quality housing. The multi-unit residential building (MURB) sector is plagued with performance issues that negatively impact residents.

BBA acquires METSCO Energy Solutions

Based in Concord, Ont., the firm provides engineering, asset management, auditing, field testing and strategic consulting for the power sector.


Power Connections Made to Move When You Do

Relocate power supply systems where you need them. MELTRIC® devices provide rugged, reliable, and safe electrical connections even in the harshest environments. Safely and quickly connect and disconnect construction, mining, quarrying, and aggregate electrical equipment using MELTRIC plugs and receptacles. MELTRIC Switch-Rated devices combine the safety and functionality of a switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle. They help facilities ensure worker safety while reducing equipment and labor costs.

-No hassle
-No waiting
-UL/CSA Listed
-Type 4X/IP69/IP69K ratings

» Try one for free
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How do I know if Double Containment is right for my project?

Safety and environmental concerns are top priorities making double containment a mandate by federal and state regulatory agencies. Double containment piping systems provide safe transport of fluid in critical areas protecting people, equipment and valuable property from possible harm or damage should a leak occur.

Federally Mandated Applications; Chemical Plants, Laboratories, Water wastewater treatment, Fuel systems for Emergency generators

Best Practice Applications; Healthcare/Hospital Use • Laboratories • High-Tech & Data Storage Environments (Network & Server Rooms etc.) • Public areas (Museums, Libraries, Theaters, and Restaurants) • Historical Sites • Residential Buildings • and more… » Learn more

CIMA+ appoints chief project officer and EVP of transportation

“These appointments are directly linked to our positioning objectives across Canada,” says Denis Thivierge, president and CEO. » Read More...

U of T Scarborough’s Passive House student residence nears completion

It will reportedly be 40% to 60% more energy-efficient than conventional buildings, due to its insulation, windows and building systems. » Read More...

Former TimberFever chair named associate at Moses Structural Engineers

She led the design-build competition for engineering and architecture students while she was studying civil engineering at Toronto Metropolitan University. » Read More...

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System XFR® PVC DWV - The World’s First PVC DWV System Rated for High Buildings & Plenums

System XFR® pipe and fittings offer a strong, high-performing alternative option for drain-waste-vent (DWV) pipe in high buildings and plenums.

System XFR® is the world’s first engineered PVC DWV system rated for high buildings and air plenums, where the National Building Code mandates more stringent flame spread and smoke development requirements. Suitable for use in combustible and non-combustible environments, System XFR®’s advanced material has a flame spread rating of 25 and smoke developed classification of 50 which permit it to be installed in high buildings and air return plenums in accordance with local codes.

Learn why Engineers choose System XFR DWV from IPEX. » Learn more

Software updated for BAS

Carrier has launched i-Vu Pro v8.5 software to enhance the security, commissioning and integration capabilities of its existing i-Vu building automation system. » Read More...


PipeInsights platform joins Azure Marketplace

AECOM’s platform is designed to accelerate sewer system inspections and improve subsequent maintenance and rehabilitation outcomes. » Read More...


YVAM aims to cool data centres more efficiently

Compared to traditional air-cooled screw chillers, the Johnson Control system can reportedly improve efficiency in typical data centre applications by 49%. » Read More...


NFPA Conference & Expo

June 21-23
Location: Las Vegas
»