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Stantec to engineer Queensway Sewer and Watermain Project

The Mississauga City Centre infrastructure project is intended to enhance reliability and resiliency for the area’s sanitary and water systems.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY - Bradford White Canada Inc.

Better Tankless Options

Bradford White Infiniti® Series Tankless Water Heaters do more than deliver an endless supply of hot water, they deliver the efficiency and performance your projects demand.

Feature: How AE strategized Edmonton’s ambitious district energy system

Homeowners use water-to-air heat pumps to provide space heating and cooling and water-to-water heat pumps to provide in-floor radiant heat and domestic hot water.


Boilers & Combis Built for Today’s Homes

LAARS® FT Series wall hung and floor standing boilers and combis are built to elevate in-home comfort with 95% AFUE efficiency and up to 10:1 turndown.

Water consultant returns to AECOM as VP and operations manager

She is a design engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in water consulting across Ontario, focusing on municipal wastewater treatment for most of her career.


Infiniti® Series: Tankless Solutions for Residential and Commercial Applications

When specifying tankless water heaters, the Infiniti® Series from Bradford White offers several advantages. Our entire line meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® requirements. Plus, the Infiniti® GS and GR are Certified Green Products™ by the Green Restaurant Association.

Smart Technology: Exclusive Scale Reduction Technology greatly reduces scale. Built in recirculation pump (Infiniti® L and GR) and STEADISET® technology (Infiniti® K & L) work to deliver consistent hot water on demand.

Smart Design: Indoor and outdoor models, offering convenient flexible venting. Depending on the model, you can cascade up to 24 units. » Discover our tankless solutions

BBA appoints director for water management

Part of his focus will be on providing services for clients trying to cope with climate change and extreme weather, like droughts and floods. » Read More...

PEX offers advantages for commercial and industrial facilities

Nearly every aging facility requires repiping for its domestic water systems, where cross-linked polyethylene can save time and increase safety. » Read More...

New JLR directors specialize in piping systems

They have expertise with water treatment projects and in the design, fabrication and construction of boilers, pressure vessels, steam, piping and related systems. » Read More...