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Exp to provide civil engineering for Nunavut Inuit Heritage Centre

“This project has been discussed for three decades,” says Ken Johnson, P.Eng., the consulting engineering firm’s director of Arctic engineering.

Hatch restarts Alouette’s first relined anode bake furnace

Work began in the spring for the reline of ABF-1, which will integrate new technology to improve production efficiency and reduce Alouette’s carbon footprint.

Revitalized York Woods Library and Theatre opens

The project team behind the Toronto facility included Diamond Schmitt, LMDG, Smith + Andersen, Entuitive and Brian Ballantyne Specifications.

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Fast + Epp appoints new partners

“Both have distinguished themselves as visionary designers who will ensure the company ethos continues into the next generation,” says founding partner Paul Fast. » Read More...

Aercoustics promotes two associates

Each of them studied mechanical engineering and researched acoustics in depth before joining the firm in 2017 and 2018, respectively. » Read More...

HDR selects leader for transportation economics and statistics services

He has a background in transportation-related services, specializing in estimation of financial feasibility and handling of risk and uncertainty in infrastructure projects. » Read More...


Bolt anchors increase strength

Fischer’s FAZ II Plus line offers higher assessed tensile load-bearing capacity, fire resistance and material strength than its predecessors. » Read More...


Self-contained HVAC units save space for MURBs

Allied Air Enterprises’ MagicPak All-in-One V-Series 13 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) units are now available in Canada. » Read More...


Flood sensors come standard with backflow preventers

Multi-channel alerts can be sent to owners via email, text, phone call, building management system (BMS) or cellular gateway. » Read More...