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K3 South Shaft Headframe wins Schreyer at 55th annual CCE Awards

Canadian Consulting Engineer and ACEC-Canada presented this year’s 20 Awards of Excellence and five Special Awards at a gala event in Ottawa last night.

VIDEO: Niagara Parks issues RFP for new visitor transportation system

Following a history of steam trains, trollies, incline railways and buses, the commission seeks to establish a modern system to alleviate congestion.

JLR appoints alternative delivery market chief

His expertise extends to new public infrastructure, institutional research facilities, industrial expansions, studies, condition assessments and renovations.

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EvoPacT - The Digital MV Circuit Breaker of the Future

With native digital connectivity, EvoPacT medium voltage (MV) circuit breakers are integrated with embedded sensors for 24/7 predictive health monitoring, helping data and controls become visible locally or remotely for increased efficiency and reduced risk.

EvoPacT breakers come in three tiers of digital monitoring and control ( (EvoPacT, EvoPacT Active, and EvoPacT Active Plus). Designed to be modular and flexible, EvoPacT can be easily scaled and upgraded to accommodate your growing needs.

EvoPacT includes scalable connectivity, IoT and a HMI that enables remote digital operation from outside of the arc flash zone. » Learn more about EvoPacT.

Nova Scotia’s Highway 104 twinning project reaches substantial completion

WSP led design engineering for the highway corridor’s expansion, as partner to the Dexter Nova Alliance (DNA) consortium of companies. » Read More...

RVA opens new office in Kitchener

Ontario's Region of Waterloo has earned a reputation for producing some of the world’s most talented computer science and engineering professionals. » Read More...

HDR hires global transit director

He is responsible for a diversified portfolio of services for bus, streetcar, commuter rail, light rail, subway and inter-city passenger rail projects worldwide. » Read More...

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Considering thermoplastic valves for your next project?

Explore the ever-evolving industry landscape of material selection: Thermoplastic vs. Traditional. Stay ahead of the curve with the 'Right' information, empowering you to make the "Right" choice for your applications. » Learn more

Card readers win Red Dot Award for product design

The 2023 award honours two Axis Communications devices: the A4020-E reader and the A4120-E reader with keypad. » Read More...


Raven enhances collaboration for security site planning

The tool offers controls to simulate mounting height, rotation, range and image detection, with satellite imagery to help users co-ordinate camera placements. » Read More...


IDCM automates energy savings for data centres

It combines Automated Logic’s WebCTRL building automation system (BAS) with Nlyte’s data centre management software. » Read More...