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Super Spotlight
BROUGHT TO YOU BY – Amplify by Annex
It’s time to establish brand authority, tell your company’s story and build trust with customers.
Get started with resources from Amplify »

WEBINAR: Designing rooftops with fall safety top of mind

Did you miss last week’s webinar on safety for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings’ roofs? You can now view the video recording here.

Stantec plans Saskatoon’s downtown revitalization

As prime consultant, the firm created the DEED concept design and master plan, which includes transportation, mobility, landscape design and urban planning.

AECOM appoints COO for Canada

She joined the infrastructure consulting firm in 2007 as a finance manager and moved up to director of operations, VP and, most recently, SVP.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY - Canadian Standards Association

Tools for building more resilient northern infrastructure

Learn how standards can help improve the resiliency of critical infrastructure in Canada’s North to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

All entry forms now open for 2024 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards

Firms can now complete both the Stage 1 notification of intention to enter (NoI) and, subsequently, the Stage 2 official entry form and project outline. Click here to access instructions and all of the forms.

Sponsored Spotlight 

Discover How Data Centers and Utilities Benefit from Fiberglass Elbows

Data center and utility construction projects are forecasted to grow thanks to grid updates and AI computing. These cable-dense projects typically require a large quantity and varying sizes of elbows.

Increasingly, electrical contractors and electrical engineers are relying on fiberglass conduit elbows for raceway bends and stub-ups. Fiberglass elbows eliminate burn-through due to their lower coefficient of friction than PVC, PVC-coated steel and galvanized rigid steel.

In our recently updated Elbow eGuide, learn why lightweight, durable fiberglass conduit elbows should be used on your next data center or utility project. » Download the eGuide

GHD appoints global technical services leader for advisory enterprise

The business provides services for infrastructure owners, designers and operators and resource managers in the areas of water, energy and urbanization. » Read More...

MTMD commissions FNX-INNOV to extend Quebec's Route 138

The 9.1-km project is being developed to link Quebec’s isolated Lower North Shore communities to each other and to the rest of the province. » Read More...

Introba promotes VP for education sector

She studied mechanical and environmental engineering at McGill and worked for TMP, Building Life Consultancy and Randall Lamb before joining Introba in 2019. » Read More...



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