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Engineers upgrade McMaster’s thermal systems with smart building technology

The Mitchell Partnership (TMP), Rycom and Carmichael Engineering are helping the Hamilton university better control and manage its legacy and new systems.

Feature: Ensuring continuity for computations

With growing demand being placed on data centres comes a need for improvements in their efficiency and the engineering of on-site energy systems.

Vernon turns to IPD for Active Living Centre

The project team includes RJC Engineers, Stantec, WSP, AME Group, AltaPro, Westcana, Chapman Mechanical, Master Pools, Collins Steel, Clark Builders and Group2.

CCE Awards Stage 1 deadline: March 19

Make sure your firm completes all notices of intention to enter (NoIs) by next Tuesday, so your projects are in the running to win Awards of Excellence ... and the Special Awards!

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Discover How Data Centers and Utilities Benefit from Fiberglass Elbows

Data center and utility construction projects are forecasted to grow thanks to grid updates and AI computing. These cable-dense projects typically require a large quantity and varying sizes of elbows.

Increasingly, electrical contractors and electrical engineers are relying on fiberglass conduit elbows for raceway bends and stub-ups. Fiberglass elbows eliminate burn-through due to their lower coefficient of friction than PVC, PVC-coated steel and galvanized rigid steel.

In our recently updated Elbow eGuide, learn why lightweight, durable fiberglass conduit elbows should be used on your next data center or utility project. » Download the eGuide
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EvoPacT™ - The Digital MV Circuit Breaker of the Future

With native digital connectivity, EvoPacT™ medium voltage (MV) circuit breakers are integrated with embedded sensors for 24/7 predictive health monitoring, helping data and controls become visible locally or remotely for increased efficiency and reduced risk.

EvoPacT™ breakers come in three tiers of digital monitoring and control (EvoPacT™, EvoPacT™ Active, and EvoPacT™ Active Plus). Designed to be modular and flexible, EvoPacT™ can be easily scaled and upgraded to accommodate your growing needs.

EvoPacT™ includes scalable connectivity, IoT and a HMI that enables remote digital operation from outside of the arc flash zone. » Learn more about EvoPacT™.

CIMA+ hires SVP of strategic development

In his new role, he will be responsible for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), working in collaboration with chief strategic officer Steeve Fiset. » Read More...

WSP to design two Toronto transit projects

Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and Metrolinx have awarded two contracts relating to the Eglinton Crosstown west extension and the Ontario Line elevated guideway. » Read More...

Crozier associate joins board of directors

She studied civil engineering and management at Hamilton’s McMaster University before joining the firm in 2013 as an engineer-in-training (EIT). » Read More...


RVT add-on enhances iGuide camera and software platform

Engineers and architects can capture immersive virtual tours and property data, with a new add-on for three-dimensional (3-D) modelling in Autodesk Revit. » Read More...


Fast + Epp founding partner launches book

Paul Fast draws on 35 years’ experience in structural engineering to reminisce about projects like the Richmond Olympic Oval and UBC’s TallWood House. » Read More...


Clamp meter offers thermal imaging

With the FLIR CM276, electrical engineers can troubleshoot system components with IR-guided measurement and radiometric multispectral dynamic imaging. » Read More...



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